Drop Dispenser: The multidose ophthalmic drop doser

  • Double leakage proof
  • Precise and real tamper evidence of the safety seal
  • Leakage proof guaranteed while opening, unitl the safety seal is broken
  • Leakage proof in spite of cap not completely screwed to the bottom
  • Drop effect guaranteed for every type of pressure applied during dispensing. 
  • Practical, multi-use
  • Child Proof safety system





Integral Brushes: The new “single mould” system

Our new BRUSH is fully manufactured in a single piece.

  • The absence of the metal clip prevents the contents of the bottle (medicine or medical device) from being contaminated by the metal
  • Our BRUSH is made in a single piece and is molded in an ISO 7 clean room 
  • Our BRUSH is a low-cost and recyclable product, approved for medical use
  • Our BRUSH filaments could be manufactured and placed in various geometries
  • Our cap is fastened onto the neck of the bottle due to our patented system which prevents it from “adhering” to the bottle




One Piece Tube: Container for Cosmetics and Medical Use

  • Injection-molded in one piece
  • Stand-up Tube with resealable screw cap
  • Capacity: 40 ml
  • Can be filled in standard tube filling machine
  • Recyclability as injected in a single plastic material

All Products by Bisio Progetti, Italy Advanced technologies for research, development and production of thermoplastics for food & beverage.