Patented technology to start your day. 

The Future in coffee dispensing technology has arrived. AJG Packaging has exclusive distribution of unique patented technology ClickCaps®  that use standard coffee machine needle designs to activate the openings. 

  • ClickCaps® unique patented design sets them apart from other capsules and consistently offers the highest quality brewed espresso with a rich "crema". ClickCaps® are Nespresso® compatible 
  • Two opening designs accommodate coffee or other beverages. Needle pressure activates three openings for coffee or six for tea, hot chocolate and other infusions
  • Oxygen Barrier Capsule offers 12 months of shelf life with no additional pouch for freshness. Standard PP capsule does require additional packaging to maintain freshness. Various colors are available 
  • Compostable capsule provides 12 months of shelf life with no additional packaging and dissolves within just 90 days in industrial composting conditions
  • 51 mm diameter capsules are designed to be compatible with standard needle machines and available in two styles for various beverages.  A certified compostable is perfect for coffee and tea while the soluble and liquid capsule is ideal for powders and liquid based beverages.  These capsules are both Keurig® compatible.


Nespresso® and Keurig® are registered trademarks of Nestlé Nespresso SA. and Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. which are not affiliated or associated with AJG Packaging. 

Beverage Applications

  • Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Tea
  • Infusion

ClickCaps® Versions

  • Standard PP
  • Oxygen Barrier Capsule
  • Compostable


All Products by Bisio Progetti, Italy  Advanced technologies for research, development and production of thermoplastics for food & beverage.